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Sunday Morning Worship

If you were not able to join us Sunday morning, this video will remain available on this page throughout the rest of the week, and permanently on our Vimeo page.

Online Service: March 29, 2020 from Paramount on Vimeo.

Why You Can Praise God in Suffering
Text: 1 Peter 1:3-5
I. You can praise God because of what He gives us (v. 3-4)
A. He gives us a new birth
B. The basis of the new birth is God's great mercy
C. The results of our new birth:
1. A Living Hope
2. An Inheritance that is:
a. Undying
b. Undefiled
c. Unfading
d. Reserved
II. You can praise God because of how He guards us (v. 5)
A. By God's Power
B. Through Faith
C. For Salvation

Friday Resource Video

Friday Resource Video - Quiet Times (March 27, 2020) from Paramount on Vimeo.

Wednesday Live Stream

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