5 Days To A New Marriage

 Is it really possible to have a new marriage in 5 days (actually 9 weeks)? The answer is yes! 5 Days to a New Marriage was specifically designed for marriages that need to find healing, for good marriages wanting to become great, and for everyone else in between. Based on counseling, brain research, and scripture, this material was created by professional counselors. This curriculum uses step-by-step teaching to help couples create new patterns to replace emotional pain with more truthful, uplifting interactions. Husbands and wives will learn realistic skills to transform old, predictable reactions into opportunities to build each other up; all while learning to balance responsibility, connection, and problem solving. Couples will begin to work together as true partners-appreciating each other's gifts, forgiving one another, and creating a vision for their family.

 A 5 Days to a New Marriage group consists of a Lead Couple plus a maximum of 4 other couples that make up a 9-week commitment to study, learn, share, and grow together as they experience life-changing transformation. Classes are offered on various days of the week and at various times, and will form all throughout the year in order to best meet the schedule demands of busy couples. Please let us know which night(s) would work for you by simply completing the registration form. You will be contacted by a Lead Couple to answer questions and help you get signed up. New groups will start as enough couples are signed up.

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5 Days To A New Marriage

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