Learning English Among Friends

Amarillo has a growing population of immigrants and refugees. Paramount offers English language classes to hundreds of students, from all over the world, on Wednesdays at the church.


Our LEAF program (Learning English Among Friends) helps individuals who would like to learn to speak English or improve their English-speaking abilities. The classes meet on Wednesdays mornings (9:30-11:30 am) or evenings (6:30-8:30 pm).

Free childcare is available for children birth through 5 years in the morning and birth through 5th grade in the evenings. Classes begin the Wednesday following Labor Day and end the 2nd week of May. Holidays are the same as the public school calendar.

The classes are on the second floor of Building A. New students should use entrance A1 and go upstairs to Room A214 for registration. Students are placed in a class according to their ability to speak English. Enrollment for each class is 18-20 students. The cost for the classes is $10 for the year.

Citizenship classes are offered twice a year to students who are enrolled in the Conversational English classes and are attending class regularly.

Questions about English classes? Email Ann Clark or leave a message with your name and phone number (in English if possible) at 337-4888.


On Sunday morning, English classes are taught using the Bible. The classes meet in Building A from 9:45-10:45. Adults should go to Room A11. There are classes for all ages, birth through adults. Students who are not attending Conversational English classes on Wednesday are welcome to attend the English lessons from the Bible on Sunday. There is no charge for these classes.

Last year, students from 28 different countries—including Brazil, Mexico, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and China—enrolled in the classes.